The Boazz

The Boazz (abbreviated name for Bocce Assistant) is a multiple bocce ball retriever.

The Boazz was developed after observing Bocce players struggling to retrieve bocce balls.

The Boazz is 26″ tall.

Base has three scoops with tapered tips. Bocce balls lock into the scoops.

The Boazz…

  • Saves your back and knees
  • Speeds up tournament play
  • Limits the part of bocce that is NOT FUN – PICKING UP BALLS
  • Adds more FUN to the game


Feel better and play longer with The Boazz!


The Boazz can only retrieve balls within the following size ranges:

Large Balls: 100mm/4 in to 115mm/4.5in

Small Ball (Pallino): 50mm/2in to 60mm/2.5in

Price: $88